Thursday, February 14, 2019

DVR Alert: The Window, film noir

At 4 a.m. Friday, Turner Classic Movies is scheduled to show the 1949 film noir, “The Window.”

This movie, adapted from a Cornell Woolrich story, is about a boy who makes up stories, tells whoppers and outright lies, only to find no one will believe him when he says he witnessed the upstairs neighbors killing a man. But the murderers believe him, and they come after him.

This was by far the scariest movie I ever saw on TV when I was a kid. The 73-minute picture holds up today. And, about a dozen years ago, I found it had the same effect on a new generation.


  1. Great film. It features some great NYC locations.

    1. Rob – Thanks for dropping by. I too enjoying seeing the noir films shot on location like “Naked City” in NYC, “DOA” in San Francisco, “The Third Man” in Vienna, and the many shot on the streets of LA’s Bunker Hill.