Friday, February 21, 2020

B-movie thriller "White Fire"

“White Fire,” from 1953, is yet another example of a well-made British B-picture.

It is the story of American Merchant Marine officer, Gregor Stevens, on leave in London and looking for his brother. Turns out, the brother is due to hang in three days for murder. (The title of this film when shown in England was, “3 Days to the Gallows.”)

Stevens races around town, running down clues, fighting with hoods and ducking gunmen, as he tries to clear his brother.

There are some significant plot holes in the script. But director John Gilling keeps everything moving so fast that viewers won’t care. Gilling spent most of the 1950s turning out tight little thrillers,

Tough-guy actor Scott Brady (the younger brother of tough-guy actor Lawrence Tierney) does a good job as Gregor Stevens. His action-packed performance had me wondering why he was not a bigger star in Hollywood? Maybe Tinseltown was under the spell of the method actors at that time.

Mary Castle plays a nightclub singer who gets involved with Stevens. Her presence in the movie is a bit of a shock. Mary Castle was a dead-ringer for Rita Hayworth.

Another plus is all the location filming the production did around London.

B-movies are not for everyone, but I happen to like them. “White Fire,” is one of the better Bs.It can be found on YouTube.


  1. I like how Scott Brady has returning roles in The Rockford Files and also was a bartender in a cop bar in the Police Story series of the 1970s. A lot of people missed Lawrence Tierney was also in Hill Street Blues from time to time.

  2. Might be one to look up Elgin. I've a few in the queue ahead of it though.