Saturday, February 1, 2020

Under A Raging Moon by Frank Zafiro

"Couldn’t put it down," is a phrase I rarely use. But it is the best way to describe my reaction to Frank Zafiro’s novel, Under A Raging Moon.

An armed robber is frustrating officers of a city police force in Washington state.

Dubbed “Scarface" by the cops, the elusive criminal robs convenience stores. He holds a gun on the clerks, takes all the cash, and gets away long before the cops arrive.

One night, officers chase Scarface. But the man scales a tall fence, fires off several shots at his pursuers, and disappears into the night. This violent junkie is more dangerous than the police first thought. His moves reveal advanced military training.

Under A Raging Moon follows a handful men and women, patrol officers of the River City police department, on their nightly rounds. Their work makes for a fast, exciting, and authentic read.

Frank Zafiro, a 20-year veteran of the Spokane, Washington police department, knows the way cops work, play and talk. Under A Raging Moon is the first book in his River City series. It is a terrific read and I look forward to riding along with the officers in the next book.

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  1. Definitely an author I'll be checking out. I have this one on the pile, but I've a bit of catching up to do.