Thursday, July 30, 2015

Same Song 2 Singers: Tony Bennett & Doris Day

With summer proving a hot one, I thought I would put up two cool versions of the same song.

The tune is “Close Your Eyes,” by Bernice Petkere, which was recorded by many artists, but in the early 1960s, two popular and very different singers gave it a swinging-jazzy sound.

First up is Tony Bennett from his 1961 album My Heart Sings.

Next is Doris Day with Andre Previn on piano from their 1962 album, Duet.


  1. It's close, but I might like Day's version better. Don't think I've heard this song before...

    1. Hey Todd – I like them both. While they are not of my generation, I have come to admire both Bennett and Day. Tony is still singing and doing duets with current stars, while Doris Day has been in retirement for a while. She had a marvelous voice. If more people heard more of her songs, I think they would appreciate just how good she was.

    2. Nellie McKay is pulling for her.