Monday, August 17, 2020

Bodyguard is a series to watch

Bodyguard has one of the best first 15 minutes of any movie or TV show.  

This thriller on Netflix opens with army veteran, David Budd, riding on a commuter train and encountering a terrorist wearing an explosive device.  

The following five hours and 45 minutes of this 2018 British series are darn good, too. 

Budd’s actions on the train land him a job he does not want—protecting Home Secretary Julia Montague, a controversial cabinet minister. Montague is tough, difficult and has many enemies sniping at her—some politically, some literally.  

Budd is tightly wound. He has seen too much war. Now the war on terrorism at home is grinding on him.  

The series was written by Jed Mercurio, who also wrote the terrific British police series, Line of Duty. Richard Madden plays Budd and Keeley Hawes plays Montague. 

Bodyguard has it all—suspense, action, intricate plotting and interesting characters.


  1. Tried watching this for an episode or two and couldn't really get into it TBH. The rest of the gang didn't really vibe it either.

    1. My wife and I enjoyed it, but my daughter bailed out.