Wednesday, January 27, 2016

TV: Jackie Gleason and The Super Bowl

CBS is running a promo for Super Bowl 50 featuring Jackie Gleason.

The clip, according to Newsday, a Long Island, New York newspaper, is from Gleason’s show Saturday night, Jan. 14, 1967, when he closed by reminding viewers to tune in the next day for the first Super Bowl. Newsday said the clip also proves the big football game was called “The Super Bowl,” from the start.

For me, it was a treat to see “The Great One” again. My folks watched "The Jackie Gleason Show" every week and I have some fond memories of it.

Comedian Jackie Gleason was one of the biggest stars of American television in the 1950s and 1960s. He also did some fine dramatic work in movies like “The Hustler” with Paul Newman, and “Requiem for a Heavyweight” with Anthony Quinn.


  1. Elgin, I have only heard of Jackie Gleason and his show. We used to read so much about American entertainers and celebrities in the papers, and now online, of course, but not all their television shows (at least) make it to my parts. There's always YouTube.

    1. Prashant – Thanks for checking out this item. When I saw the commercial, I just had to do a post as a nostalgic nod to the old show and the man.

  2. Perhaps a sign of the times we live in:

    I remember that Gleason show when it first aired.

    This new promo cuts off Jackie's last words:

    " ... Be sure to watch the Super Bowl. It's gonna be murder! G'night everybody!!!"